For 2021 Honda Fit Jazz Smoked Led Tail Lights Assembly

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  • Type Honda
  • Vendor TT-ABC
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Custom Headlight & Tail Light Assembly

LED rear light is a new type of green electric light source, thanks to the advanced constant current control technology of uniform light emission, it is completely light pollution-free, noiseless and interference-free.

Applicable scope:
Suitable for 2021 Honda Fit Jazz (professional installation is highly recommended)
2021 Honda Fit Jazz smoked black LED taillight rear light sequence assembly

Product Details:
1. one pair. Left side + right side taillight
2. bulbs. All bulbs are built-in, no need for extra bulbs.
3. Function. Trunk light DRL + turn signal + reverse light + fog light + brake parking light
4. Easy installation: plug and play

Condition. 100% brand new
Continuous lighting
Working voltage. DC 12V
Brightness: 70~90LM (left and right strictly symmetrical)
Operating current. DC 150mA~300mA
Working time: ≥24 hours
Working temperature: -40~60°
Material. ABS+LED

Functional characteristics:
Lead the trend of automotive light source.
No need to replace the car to install the product.
With reverse polarity protection and open circuit protection.
The rear light improves the safety of driving. It allows your vehicle to be seen at a greater distance.
Greatly improves the reaction time for oncoming drivers in an accident.
Enhances lighting in rainy and foggy weather to avoid traffic accidents.
Bright LEDs consume far less power than standard bulbs while maintaining optimal light output.
Bright LED bulbs have a life span of up to 50,000 hours.
Shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant.
High quality rear light, no pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.
More efficient, more energy saving.
Overheating protection device to prevent overheating and burning.
Caution. Please disconnect the power supply before installation.

Package includes:
1 set of LED rear lights (for rear left/right).