Thank you for considering TT-ABC as your sponsor.

To qualify for partial or full sponsorship, please email us at with answers to the following questions below:

How many followers do you have on Instagram and Facebook,Tiktok ,Youtube?

What is your Instagram handle and Facebook ,Tiktok ,Youtube name?

How many shows did you attend last year and did you fall into the top 3?

How many are you planning on attending this year?


For full sponsorship, the ideal candidate must have 20K+ organic followers on Instagram with 1000+ likes and 200+ comments per post.


For partial sponsorship, the ideal candidate must have 10K+ followers on Instagram with 500+ likes and 100+ comments per post.

Other car light installation issues

Please demonstrate all the functions of your installed car lights, describe them, and send them to our email. We will give you a solution based on your problem. Only for customers who purchase at TT-ABC!

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