RGB LED Tail Lights For 2018-2024 Toyota Camry 8th Gen Rear Lamp Assembly

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  • Type Toyota
  • Vendor TT-ABC

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Custom Headlight & Tail Light Assembly

OEM COMPATIBILITY: This RGB LED tail light has OEM level compatibility, which perfectly matches Toyota Camry 8th generation 2018-2024 models. It integrates seamlessly with the original factory electrical system and vehicle interfaces, ensuring compatibility with the normal function and operation of the vehicle. This means you can easily install this RGB LED tail light without additional adapters or modifications.

RGB multi-color function: This tail light has RGB multi-color function, different colors and light modes can be selected through the controller or mobile application. This allows car owners to choose the desired color of light according to personal preference and ambiance, adding a personal and unique look.

Sequential LED Lights: The taillights feature sequential LED technology, allowing the lights to light up in a continuous sequence during lighting. This effect not only adds to the aesthetics of your taillights, it also improves visibility and safety, making your vehicle more noticeable to other drivers.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The tail light is manufactured with high-quality material to ensure its durability and long life. These materials are UV, water and temperature resistant and perform well in all road and weather conditions.

EASY INSTALLATION: This taillight is specially designed for Toyota Camry 8th generation 2018-2024 models, with the installation interface that perfectly matches the original taillight. It features a plug-in design that requires no complicated modifications or cutting. Car owners can follow the provided instructions or video tutorials for simple installation.

Brightness and Energy Efficiency: RGB LED taillights offer exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. LED technology provides brighter, clearer lighting while using energy more efficiently and reducing energy consumption compared to traditional light bulbs.

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