Tail Light for Land Rover Defender 2020-2023 Led Bumper Light Brake Light

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  • Type Land Rover
  • Vendor TT-ABC

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Custom Headlight & Tail Light Assembly

COMPATIBILITY: This product is designed specifically for the 2020-2023 Land Rover Defender and fits perfectly with the vehicle to ensure good compatibility. Whether it is for daily driving or off-road adventure, it provides a personalised modification to your vehicle and enhances the overall appearance and safety.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The warning light combines the functions of reversing lights, brake lights and high beam tail lights, providing a variety of warning and illumination options. The reversing light enhances the vision of reversing at night, the brake light can effectively alert the vehicle behind, and the high intensity tail light provides better visibility.

Advanced protection performance: with a fully sealed design that meets IP65 waterproof and resistance level standards, it can effectively prevent rain, gravel or dust from entering the interior of the luminaire. The cooling process and anti-fog function enable it to work normally in both high and low temperature environments, providing reliable performance.

Convenient Installation: The product is designed to be portable and non-destructive docking, which makes the installation process simple and convenient. You can easily install it into the rear bar of the rear fog light of the new Land Rover Defender without complicated modification steps.

Stable power supply and balanced output: the warning light has stable power supply and balanced output to ensure stable light brightness. This provides a reliable warning effect and makes it easier for other vehicles and pedestrians to detect your vehicle's movements.