For 2017-2021 Nissan X-Trail LED Headlights

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Custom Headlight & Tail Light Assembly

While most drivers are very happy with the standard headlights installed in their cars, some want that extra flare that helps their cars stand out. For this reason, aftermarket projector headlights are a consideration. They are also an option for drivers who are unhappy with the headlights that come with their cars. Projector headlights produce a more powerful beam of light with a longer range, which makes driving safer.

Projector headlights are one of the most popular aftermarket automotive items. One possible reason for their popularity is that they are standard equipment on sports cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi and others.

Projector headlights have several advantages over factory-produced headlights.

Adaptation - For Nissan X-Trail 2017-2021 LED Headlamps

Focused beam - The elliptical reflector in a projector headlight design produces a more accurate scatter of light and reduces light scatter.

Style - These headlights often enhance the appearance of the front end of the car, adding class and style.

Better Night Driving - Projector headlight designs utilize lens positioning to produce better light for night driving than traditional parabolic reflector headlights.

Safety Beam - The beam is designed to match the pattern of your existing conventional bulbs to ensure it meets your safety standards and those of other road users. The output of the safety beam will not obstruct or dazzle other road users.