For 2014-2021 Toyota 4Runner Led Headlights (Normal version/Devil Eyes)

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  • Type Toyota
  • Vendor TT-ABC
  • SKU TT-CB-A163B-Y

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LED Headlights & Tail Lights assembly

Compatibility: For 2014-2021 Toyota 4-Runner

It is recommended to confirm whether these headlights are compatible with your specific car model before making a purchase. If you are uncertain, it is advised to contact the seller or manufacturer for further assistance.

100% Brand New: The headlights are completely new and have not been used before, ensuring their quality and performance.The package includes a pair of headlights, consisting of both the left side and right side lights. This ensures a balanced and uniform lighting setup for your Toyota 4Runner.

LED Light: The headlights feature LED technology, which offers several benefits such as increased brightness, energy efficiency, and longer lifespan compared to traditional halogen lights.

Factory Connector/Harness Compatibility: The headlights are designed to be compatible with your factory supplied connector/harness. This compatibility ensures a seamless installation process without the need for cutting or modifying any wires.

Quad Beam Functionality: The headlights feature a quad beam design, providing a combination of high and low beams for optimal lighting performance. This ensures improved visibility in various driving conditions.