RGB Headlight For Ford Mustang 2018-2022 Projector Front Lamp Assembly

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Détails du produit

  • Type Ford
  • Vendeur TT-ABC
  • Unité de gestion de stock TT-Ford-A202-RGB

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Assemblage de phares et feux arrière à LED

OEM Direct Fitment - Replacement for 2018-2022 ford mustang. Designed to be an exact replacement for your factory Head lamps with no vehicle modifications required for getting the job done right. 

NOTE- In case of meeting any issue of product, such as condensation or any of the LED goes out on any piece of the light, please message us and provide the product label, video& pictures proof, make sure the pictures& video clearly shows the defect.

Weatherproof Construction -The headlight assembly are made to withstand the most rigorous weather conditions and completely sealed to prevent moisture and dust from getting inside the housing. Super-durable constructions serve for many years to come.

SAE/ DOT Certified - Approved by the SAE. Meet and exceed DOT regulations and compliant with FMVSS 108. Thoroughly tested to meet all federal quality and international standards and are fully street legal.

Full Led Daytime Running Light- No Bulbs needed. Ultra-modern fiber optic style to give a touch of high-end elegance to the appearance of your vehicle making it stand out from the rest.