How to remove the rear taillight of Honda Accord

How to remove the rear taillight of Honda Accord

1. Remove the decorative panel. Open the trunk of the car, use a rocker tool to pry open several plastic buckles that fix the cotton lining, and remove the decorative baffle.

2. Remove the nut. After removing the decorative baffle, you can see that the inner steel plate has three holes with bolts in the middle and nuts on the bottom. You can use a longer No. 10 socket to remove the nuts, and then pull the taillight assembly toward the rear of the car. .

3. Remove the rear taillight. Unplug the wiring harness of the rear tail light, hold both sides of the rear tail light with both hands, and gently pull outward to remove the rear tail light.

When driving at night, car taillights can remind the car behind that there is a car in front, and can show the positional relationship between the two cars, so they are installed on both sides of the rear of the vehicle.

Car taillights usually do not have a separate switch and automatically turn on when the vehicle is powered on with the use of the headlights.

The taillight has a certain luminous intensity, allowing it to be clearly distinguished by drivers or pedestrians of other vehicles even in bright sunlight. At the same time, when driving at night, the light emitted will not cause glare to the drivers of other vehicles or pedestrians. Or a feeling of discomfort.

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