Why modify the headlight assembly?

Why modify the headlight assembly?

First of all, let's take a look at the topic of the news report: According to incomplete statistics, traffic accidents caused by car light problems account for 40% of all traffic accidents. For every two traffic accidents that lead to death, one is due to car lights. Due to factors, everyone is shocked by this data! ! ! It's not a small series of hearsay. According to the research of the National Market Supervision and Administration Group, 14.8% of the vehicle exterior lighting devices [light assemblies] on the market do not meet the quality standards.

Why modify the headlight assembly?

Why modify the headlight assembly?
1. The lights are not bright enough, causing hidden dangers for safe driving;

2. The service life of the lamp is too short;

3. The original headlights are not good-looking;

Lighting visibility is extremely low, high driving hazards

Almost 60% of the accident time in daily driving is concentrated at night and in bad weather. There are so many traffic accidents at night. Excluding the human factors of bad driving, we have to mention the impact of cars on safe driving. Many In the event of an accident, due to the limited width and distance of the vehicle's lighting and the dim color of the lighting, the driver cannot see the obstacles in the road while driving, and cannot brake and avoid in time, resulting in an accident, so be sure to pay attention to your car's eyes.

Appearance Upgrade/Lighting Upgrade/Safe Driving

As an important part of the car's function and the aesthetic center of the body's appearance, the headlight's most basic function - safety, is often ignored by some car owners. In fact, the correct use of headlights directly affects the driving safety of car owners, and headlights and safety are particularly closely related. Therefore, in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, the popularity of headlight modification is already very high.

First: After a few years, the lights are not bright enough, and the brightness is seriously attenuated

When we are 60 years old, the light we need is more than 5 times that of 20 years old, which is called natural aging of cell function from a biological point of view. Similarly, car lights will gradually dim inadvertently with yearly use. Car lights have light decay. Light decay means that after a period of time, the light intensity of the headlights will be lower than the original, and the lower part is the light decay of the lights. Under normal circumstances, the halogen light decay is generally in the It will decay to 70% in 10 months to one year. The annual light decay of xenon lamps is less than 5%. We believe that after the light decay reaches 50%, it should not be used for night driving lighting. Halogen lights decay to 50%. The light efficiency of traditional energy-saving lamps is the same.

Second: traditional halogen lamps are not white enough, dim candle light, looking drowsy

The human eye is in a tense state during driving. At dawn and dusk, the human eye has the weakest ability to recognize colors and shapes, the pupil is in a working state of alternating day and night, and the dim candle lighting conditions can easily lead to eye damage. Fatigue, which in turn leads to physical fatigue, is like when we can concentrate on work in the white office light, and relax and fall asleep in the yellow bedroom light. Therefore, in order to improve the safety of driving at night, we should first meet the physiological needs of the human eye and choose white-colored headlights. Xenon lamps have improved many shortcomings of ordinary halogen lamps. The structure of the lamps is more compact and reasonable. Compared with ordinary halogen lamps, the brightness is increased by 30% and whitened by 50%. The light color is close to sunlight, which maximizes the lighting feeling of daytime driving. Visual fatigue at night.

Chapter 1: Lamp upgrade and modification plan

There are many ways to upgrade the lights, here we only recommend 2 minutes:

1. Lens modification

When the original headlight assembly is in good condition, just to increase the brightness, you can go to a professional headlight modification shop to install xenon lamps + lenses + other configurations, in order to increase the visible brightness and range of the lighting. If the price is moderate, you can consider this plan!

2. Headlight assembly

In pursuit of appearance, appearance, and functional effects, you can find a well-known headlight assembly manufacturer in China to buy a headlight assembly, and then install it according to the installation tutorial provided by the manufacturer or at a lamp modification or repair shop. (This headlight assembly includes xenon lamp + ballast + lens, some have angel eyes, devil eyes, tear eyes and other functional effects, which not only increases the range and visible brightness, but also improves the appearance of the vehicle. face value)

Chapter 2: About Color Temperature

When modifying xenon lamps, merchants usually ask you what color temperature to choose. Usually 4300K ​​or 6000K is recommended. There are many rainy and foggy weather, and it is recommended to choose 4300K ​​in heavy areas. (Note: Color temperature over 6000K cannot pass the annual review)

Chapter 3: About Lenses

Lenses are divided into single vision lenses and double vision lenses. At present, there are more bifocal lenses on the market, and we also recommend bifocal lenses.

The benefits and functions of lenses:

Standard: The xenon lamp telescopic lamp can be adjusted to the far and near beam standardization, the lens can automatically adjust the far and near beam lighting standards, the light is emitted through the lens, and the light shape is balanced and evenly distributed.

Spotlight: The lens is used with HID lamps, and people use xenon lamps to make the light brighter. However, if the color temperature of the xenon lamp is too high, it is often too dazzling, so that the other driver cannot see the road conditions clearly. The light is still bright through the lens, which can soften the light.

Concentration: The light emitted by the xenon lamp will refract each other in rainy and foggy days, and the light will be scattered. After using the bifocal lens, the light is concentrated and the driver can drive with peace of mind.

Trend: In summary, xenon lamps have defects, which are complemented by bifocal lenses. The country is considering reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents, and has introduced a bill that requires a lens to be installed on a car with xenon lights before it can pass the annual review.

Disadvantages and hidden dangers of lenses:

Price: At present, the price of lenses on the market is generally high, and even some are close to or higher than the price of the assembly.

Adaptation: If the lens specifications do not match the internal structure specifications of the original headlights, it will cause the installation to be unstable, shake when driving, and aggravate the hidden danger of driving safety.

Chapter 4: Adjusting the Lighting

If you change the lens directly at a refit shop, they will adjust it for you. If you buy headlight assemblies, usually these headlight assemblies are also adjusted. Of course, you can adjust it yourself, there are adjustment levers behind the headlight assembly, left and right and up and down adjustment levers. It should be noted that: be careful when adjusting the light, otherwise the adjustment rod will be easily damaged, and the entire assembly needs to be replaced. When adjusting the light type, it is best to adjust it in the car and use the adjuster in the car.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions about Modified Xenon Lamps

Although it is not advisable to directly add xenon lamps, most car owners still do it. There are many problems in directly modifying the xenon lamp, such as: interference, alarm, flashing, failure to start, circuit burning, wrong light type and so on.

If the modified xenon lamp is not compatible with the original one, and the price is relatively high, you can consider replacing the headlight assembly directly. , resistance and other comprehensive conditions will be dealt with technically.

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