Why are there fewer new cars using xenon headlights?

Why are there fewer new cars using xenon headlights?

European regulations stipulate that xenon headlights need to be equipped with a water washing device. The cost is high, and automobile manufacturers are unwilling to equip xenon headlights in order to reduce costs.

So do you know why xenon headlights need to be cleaned?

Because xenon headlights are too bright, if the glass cover (nowadays they are all plastic covers) is blocked by dust, the light irradiation will cause the lamp cover to heat up very much, and there may even be a risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, a clean lampshade is needed to reduce light blocking and heat generation. Headlight cleaning was originally invented for off-road vehicles traveling on dirt roads. Xenon headlights are now mandatory and play a role in cooling and reducing spontaneous combustion.

A single bulb of 2,000 lumens requires a water-washing device, and halogen headlights generally cost more than 1,000 lumens. Xenon headlights start at 3,000 lumens. Most LEDs are a combination of multiple lamp heads. One lamp head is generally 1,000 lumens. The combination is very bright, because a single lamp head is less than 2,000 lumens. There is no need for a headlight cleaning device. In addition, if you park your car for a long time and turn on the headlights, it is easier to generate heat and burn the bulbs. It will be much better if the car is running with cold air to dissipate heat.

From the perspective of automobile manufacturers, xenon headlights are more expensive to purchase than LED lights, consume more energy, and are not cost-effective. Moreover, Led car light suppliers are also producing more and more styles using LED lights.

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