Vehicle lights revealed, electric cars are equipped with LED lights, why the car with halogen lights?

Vehicle lights revealed, electric cars are equipped with LED lights, why the car with halogen lights?

We all know that halogen lights as a traditional light source, compared with LED lights, a lot of disadvantages, now the basic household use of light is LED light source. I do not know if you have found an interesting phenomenon at night, many of the cars currently driving on the road are halogen lights, the light is shining yellow light, and many motorcycles on the road are beginning to popularize LED lights, as the price of hundreds of thousands of times more expensive than the tram car, why not install more advanced LED lights? Today this is a science article on car lighting, I hope it can help you.

Car as a consumer goods priced from tens of thousands to millions, so far, even hundreds of thousands of cars, there are still many vehicles installed light source is halogen, many of the current market to see the majority of vehicles equipped with LED light source is their own private conversion over, in our impression, since the tram can be installed LED light source, like Lamborghini these, why hundreds of thousands of cars priced not to install it? In my opinion, the reason is that there are mainly these two aspects.

1. Cost factors

First of all, it needs to be clear, now the LED lights are not on what high-tech, there are no technical difficulties, for many car companies, control the cost of the vehicle is the key, now the automobile industry competition is very tough, almost every few days there are new cars released, in order to improve their competitiveness with other manufacturers, many car companies will try to control the cost of the vehicle, the money invested more in catering to consumer demand The aspect of the car itself is a circuit complex. The internal circuit of the car itself is a circuit complex integration, replace the headlights for LED lights is not just a simple change of headlights, will also design many electronic components, consider the vehicle assembly structure, heat dissipation and other aspects, a full set down the cost to raise about 10,000, in such a competitive market, because of a lighting problem, the same configuration of the vehicle, I believe that many people will not pay for it.

2. Consumer demand points are different

For us consumers, few people in the purchase of a car will focus on the vehicle's lights, more attention to focus on the vehicle's appearance, interior, performance, etc., I myself as a user of the car, is also more concerned about the vehicle's three major components and space configuration of these aspects, can only say that the car with LED is a plus, but not a necessity. Most car buyers are not very high requirements for lighting, resulting in this aspect of the car companies are not very high, after all, the car itself comes with halogen lights in the night is also sufficient for lighting use.

LED lights compared to halogen lights have what advantages?

LED as the 21st century began to popularize the light source, compared to halogen lamps have very many advantages, first of all, energy saving and environmental protection, LED lamp consumption is 1/10 of halogen lamps, while no mercury harmful substances. Second, long life and high efficiency, LED lamp life can reach 100,000 hours, for many families, can be decades without replacement, while the lighting effect is good, the road at night pavement light is good, improve driving safety. Also has a simple structure, strong impact resistance and other advantages will not be introduced.

In short, because the tram itself is a simple structure, less electronics, circuit structure is simple, the cost of LED lights added to the tram does not require much, while the car structure is complex, circuit integration, high cost of retrofitting LED, leading us to see more cars on the road using halogen lights.

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