The art revolution of lighting design

In this era of "rampant" appearance associations, more manufacturers are paying attention to how to improve the "appearance" of cars. We will find that the design language of car styling designers is becoming more and more abundant, family-style grille, unpredictable headlights, sharp and graceful waistline, suspended roof, various chrome-plated and acrylic decorative strips The practicality of the car makes the current car look more fashionable and full of sense of science and technology.

Among them, the design element that can enhance the style and sense of science and technology is the lamp. Good lamp design will even lead a trend in the history of automobile development. The current unique lamp design style can trigger a revolution in the art of lamp design and make many manufacturers a benchmark for comparison.

Although the styles of lamps are unpredictable, we will find that the positions and colors of lamps and lanterns of almost all manufacturers are very close. Sometimes we even ask: Why are the headlights white instead of green or purple? Why are the rear headlights all red instead of yellow or sky blue?

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