Nine cold knowledge about lamps: half of them are good

Nine cold knowledge about lamps: half of them are good

The lights are very familiar to drivers. After all, you need them as long as you drive. However, many of us only know how to operate the car lights, and some novice car owners may not even know the correct operation methods. So today, let's share some interesting cold knowledge about car lighting, hoping it will be helpful for everyone to use the car.

1. Lamps with the worst lighting effect

If your lamp is the structure shown in the above figure, and there is only one lamp and a cover outside the lamp bead, the lighting effect of your lamp may not be very satisfactory. This is the lowest cost high beam and low beam integrated headlamp.

It uses a lamp bead and a reflective bowl, but it can provide both high beam and low beam. The secret lies in the lamp bead. There are two filaments inside the lamp bead, one for the low beam and the other for the high beam. Although this saves costs, it reduces the lighting effect.

2. Lamps that can best show the sincerity of the manufacturer

The sincerity of the manufacturer can be best seen in the rear fog lamp and reversing lamp. The national standard stipulates that both the rear fog lamp and reversing lamp must be equipped, but the number can be either two or one, which is not required. Therefore, some manufacturers will adopt the scheme of one rear fog lamp and one reversing lamp in order to save costs. Although it meets the requirements of laws and regulations, the effect is certainly not as good as the two.

3. Lamp with the lowest priority: rear fog lamp
The rear fog lamp can only work normally when the high beam lamp or low beam lamp is turned on. If you do not turn on the high beam lamp or low beam lamp, it will not light even if you turn on the rear fog lamp switch, so many car owners always mistake the rear fog lamp for broken.

The reason is simple, because the rear fog lamp is very dazzling, which is more dazzling than the brake lamp. Even if it is turned on in the daytime, it will seriously affect the vision of the rear car. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the turning on conditions of the rear fog lamp to avoid the impact on the rear car.

4. Some cars are equipped with headlight cleaning devices because the lights are too bright

Many cars now have headlight cleaning devices. This is because the national standard stipulates that a headlight cleaning device must be equipped when the brightness of a single light source exceeds a certain range, because dust is easy to accumulate on the lampshade. When the lights are too bright, the dust will cause serious glare and affect other vehicles.

5. Cars with daytime running lights usually have automatic headlights

If your car has the original daytime running lights, your car must also have automatic headlights. Because that's what the national standard requires. This is to prevent you from forgetting to turn on the headlights at night. Because the daytime driving lights are very bright, some car owners forget to turn on the headlights after dark, which leads to danger. Therefore, laws and regulations require that as long as daytime driving lights are equipped, automatic headlights must be equipped, and the daytime driving lights will normally light up only after the lights are selected in the AUTO gear.

6. Interior lights may affect safety
All cars have an interior light, also known as a reading light. This light can only be used when parking. It is better not to use it when driving, especially at night. Because the light around is dark at night, the pupil of the human eye will expand, so that more light can enter the eye, so that people can see the situation around as clearly as possible.

If you turn on the interior lights, the light will stimulate the pupils and make them smaller. As a result, the light entering the eyes will be reduced, and you will be more unable to see the outside of the car. What's more, you can't feel the adjustment of the pupils, so you don't know you are in danger.

7. Charge the battery with the license lamp
If the battery of a car loses power and the mechanical key is broken, how can you open the door easily? Here's a trick: you can remove the license plate lamp, connect the positive pole of the power supply to the positive pole of the license plate lamp, and connect the negative pole of the power supply to the body. Then press the unlock button on the remote control, and you will find that the door can be unlocked normally.

The principle is simple, because many license plate lamps are controlled by the negative pole, that is, the positive pole of the bulb is directly connected to the battery, and the switch is installed on the negative pole. Therefore, connecting the positive pole of the external power supply to the positive pole of the license plate lamp is equivalent to connecting the positive pole of the battery, so the vehicle can be powered.

8. Some old cars use their feet to control the lights

When driving, we sometimes need to flash the high beam to remind other vehicles or pedestrians. The specific operation is to turn the turn signal control handle in our own direction. But decades ago, the dimmer switch of many cars was controlled by the foot. It was located at the lower left of the clutch. If you need to flash the high beam, you can step on the switch with your foot. The driver who can play with the light can drive well.

9. Modification of automatic high and low beams
Some cars have an automatic high and low beam adjustment function. Although the original intention of this function is to automatically switch the low beam when meeting cars to improve safety, the actual use experience is not good, because this sensor is too sensitive. Sometimes the street lamp is mistaken for an oncoming car and the low beam lamp is automatically switched.

This sensor is usually installed behind the interior rearview mirror. You can try to block the light sensor in front of it with a dark glass mirror to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor and reduce the possibility of miscalculation.

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