Introduction to the composition of tail lights

Introduction to the composition of tail lights

Cars are the most common means of transportation in our daily life! For now, most families will have a car. Because the car is really convenient, I can drive wherever I want. It's more convenient than taking the train or the high-speed rail, and you can also drive to the places you want to go. Today, I'd like to introduce the automobile taillights.

Automobile tail lights: What are the common components of automobile tail lights

1、Brake light

The brake lights are divided into two categories: left and right brake lights (two) and high mounted brake lights (one)

1. The left and right brake lights are an important part of the rear lights, one left and one right are distributed in the rear lights on both sides. It is red, red means warning. The light comes on as soon as you step on the brake (including the handbrake).
The brake light is to remind the vehicle behind to slow down or stop, so that the vehicle behind can be prepared in advance. Now the brake lamp is generally a fog lamp, which can penetrate the thick fog. LED lamp can also be used as brake lamp.

2. The high mounted brake lamp is generally installed on the upper part of the rear of the vehicle, so that the vehicles driving behind can easily find the front vehicle braking, so as to prevent rear end collision. The function of the high mounted brake light is to warn the vehicles behind, so as to avoid rear end collision. Vehicles without high mounted brake lights, especially cars and minicars with low chassis, are usually not bright enough due to the low position of the rear brake lights when braking. It is sometimes difficult for drivers of vehicles following them to see clearly, especially trucks, buses and buses with high chassis. Therefore, the hidden danger of rear end collision is relatively large.

2、Reversing lamp

The reversing lamp is automatically turned on when the driver is in reverse gear. It is transparent, mainly for prompting and lighting in the dark.


It reflects light in the rear lights of cars. When the car behind shines, it can return along the original road no matter from which direction, and it will shine in the eyes of the driver behind as a reminder.

4、Rear turn signal lamp

In the rear light of the car, it flashes to inform others of the direction of the car. The color is amber.

Automobile taillights: design principles of automobile taillights

1. It has sufficient luminous intensity to enable the tail lamp of the vehicle to clearly identify the signal for drivers or pedestrians of other vehicles even in bright sunlight.

2. When driving at night, the light from the tail lamp will not cause glare and discomfort to other vehicle drivers or pedestrians

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