How to use headlights and high beams on your Auto

How to use headlights and high beams on your Auto

How to turn on the headlights of the car? Let's take a look at the diagram below.

New developed by TT-ABC for 2018-2022 Toyota Camry headlights, features: three-transparent bulb, devil eye, a touch of blue at the bottom

Automotive Toggle Switch

 The car light switches are basically integrated on the lever switch on the left side of the steering wheel, but there are exceptions. The light switches of some models are knob type. As long as we screw or dial to the designated position, the corresponding exterior lights will light up, and the dashboard will also light up the corresponding signs. So how do you turn on the headlights?

car display indicators

Generally speaking, low beam and high beam are called car headlights. As shown in the figure, as long as the light switch is turned to the low beam position, the low beam can be turned on. In daily driving, the owner only needs to turn on the low beam to meet the needs of use. However, there are special circumstances. If there are no street lights on the side of the road or the road is straight and far away and the line of sight is dim, please use high beams.

 High Beam vs. Low Beam: What's the Difference?

The use of the high beam is generally done by dialing it forward or inward, dialing it forward, and turning on the high beam all the time; dialing it inward, the high beam and the low beam will flash. When using the high beams, if you encounter a car entering, you must turn off the high beams, and wait for the end of the meeting to turn on the high beams. This is to prevent your high beams from swaying into the sight of the other driver and causing accidents. , which is also the standard for civilized driving.

Since it comes to car headlights, what are small car lights? The small car light is also the width light. The width light is a warning sign. It is white in the front and red in the back. It is generally installed at the edge of the top of the car, which can indicate both the height and the width of the car. When to use Width Indicators? Generally, it is turned on when the sky is not completely dark, and it is mostly used in the evening.

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