Headlight assembly: what are the parts?

Headlight assembly: what are the parts?

What does car headlight assembly mean?

The headlight assembly refers to the two ends installed on the head of the car, which is used for lighting when the car is driving at night or on dimly lit roads, including the lamp housing, fog lights, turn signals, headlights, lines, etc. Driving lighting systems, these are commonly known as headlight assemblies.

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The role of the headlight assembly

The function of the headlight assembly is to illuminate. When driving in the evening or at night, turning on the headlights can not only illuminate the road ahead, but also display your position on the road,allowing other passing vehicles to see you. In addition to lighting, it also plays the role of sending traffic signals, such as the width indicator in the headlight assembly and the double flashing lights that are turned on when it is dangerous. Car headlights are generally equipped with a bulb, which contains far and near filaments to control the near and far beams. Many headlight assemblies are equipped with automatic light controllers to automatically adjust the beam, improving driving safety. Today, most headlight assemblies have lenses that make the beam more focused and brighter.

The difference between car headlight assembly and semi-assembly

The components included are different: the headlight assembly includes a lamp housing, a light bulb, and a computer control board; the headlight half-assembly has fewer bulbs and a computer control board than the headlight assembly.

usage methods are different: the headlight assembly can be used directly after buying it; the wiring of the headlight semi-assembly cannot be used directly, and it needs to be connected to the original car bulb and centralized control board to use.

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Introduction to the assembly

Assemblage,which means aggregate. For example: the drive shaft assembly on the car, that is, the collection of various drive shaft related parts, can realize power transmission. It can also be understood as a general term for a series of products that form a whole and realize a specific function of the parts system.

example of assembly

The hose assembly refers to the finished product including the hose and the joint parts at both ends. The electric assembly includes the engine, gearbox and auxiliary transmission. For example, the screen is a complete set of components, the inner screen and the outer screen together. Another example is fog lights, turn signals, headlights, etc., collectively called headlight assembly.

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