"Expression" unlocks new trends in car lights

As the "eyes" of the car, the lights are an important part of ensuring driving safety, and also the core element to brighten the appearance of the car. In order to meet the new consumer demand under the smart tide, we see that car lights are being given more functions based on the original lighting, such as projecting interactive greetings, customizing various personalized patterns, flashing rhythms with music, etc. .

"Regardless of the changes in the functions of the car lights, safety is always the first. Especially in the era of autonomous driving, how to better ensure the safety of vehicles through intelligent means has become the focus of the development of car lights."

In order to further enhance safety, many manufacturers are now incorporating intelligence into it, making the design of car lights more integrated and flexible. For example, ADB adaptive high-beam headlights have gradually been favored in recent years. For a long time, traditional car headlights are dazzling, which can easily cause dazzling to drivers in the opposite lane when meeting cars at night, laying a hidden danger for driving safety. ADB is an intelligent high-beam control system that can adaptively change the high-beam type according to the road conditions. It can judge the position and distance of the vehicle ahead through the input of the video camera signal, and adjust the light irradiation area accordingly, turn off or adjust Darken the lights in the area of ​​the opposite vehicle to avoid glare to the oncoming vehicle, and at the same time to maximize the driver's vision requirements.

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