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How to use BMW 3 Series lights, 3 Series light switch diagram

by WangXiaoxiang 10 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Illustrated instructions on how to use BMW 3 Series lights

If you want to operate the lights, you need to make sure the vehicle is on ignition first. Headlights, width lights and other lights are controlled by the light control knob (or button) on the left side of the driver's seat, and the turn signals are controlled by the light control lever on the left side of the steering wheel.

1. Turn signals and parking lights

Simply turn the knob on the top of the light operating lever to switch between different light modes, but this operation needs to be done in the ignition state.

① How to use the left turn signal: Move the control lever downward and the left turn signal will turn on.

②How to use the right turn signal: Move the light control lever upward to turn on the right turn signal.

Turn the steering switch gently and forcefully, and the corresponding turn signal flashes three times.

2. High beam and high beam instantaneous switch-on function

③How to turn on the high beam: After turning on the low beam, push the light control lever forward to turn on the high beam.

④ High beam instantaneous switch-on function: After turning on the headlights, pull the light operating lever backward to activate the alternation of high and low beams. The alternation of high and low beams is a good warning method.

In the instrument cluster, the high-beam symbol light can be seen illuminated.

3. Turn on the fog lights

①The fog light switch is next to the light control knob. Press it to turn it on.

4. Automatic headlights, low beam lights, and width lights

Automatic headlight activation can be set in the central control. Rotate the light control buttons in sequence to turn on the width lights, automatic headlights, and low beam lights in sequence.

5. Headlight cleaning

With the high beam on, pull the wiper inward to activate the headlight cleaning function. If you only want to clean the glass and not the headlights, just turn off the headlights.

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