2024 BMW M3 High-Performance Sports Sedans Introduction

2024 BMW M3 High-Performance Sports Sedans Introduction

All eyes are on you, all the highlights are shown

The BMW 3 Series upholds the spirit of sport and attracts attention. The new star screen grille, M sports package and other more personalized designs have been added to fully express the passion for sports, attracting everyone's attention to follow, and setting off the wave of the times again.

LED headlight

The internal structure of the LED headlights has been redesigned, the lines are sharper, and the sharp inverted L-shaped corners show off a sharp and eye-catching style, exuding a new sporty temperament.

New star screen grille

A new star screen grille has been added to vividly interpret the sense of movement and power. The star screen embedded in the grille is made of matte aluminum, and the outer frame is carefully made of chrome plating. While driving, you will be the focus of attention at a glance.

M sports suit

The M Sport package has been redesigned, incorporating black elements into the grille and LED headlights, giving a proud sense of power. Create a more sporty and capable look.

Exclusive luxury, self-contained style

The BMW 3 Series continues to improve every detail, creating a unique luxury experience for drivers and passengers. The M sports multifunctional leather steering wheel is equipped with shift paddles, and the dashboard is made of Sensatec synthetic leather. The sporty charm radiates from the inside out.

M sports multifunctional leather steering wheel with paddle shifters

The M sports multifunctional leather steering wheel integrates common function buttons such as wake-up voice recognition and phone calls, and is combined with push-button shift paddles to provide drivers with a more convenient and convenient experience.

Sensatec synthetic leather dashboard

The dashboard is made of Sensatec synthetic leather, which has a more delicate touch and is self-evidently noble and luxurious.


Comfortable experience cabin

Sitting in the car, you can experience the luxurious feeling brought by the waterfall-style ambient lighting. The seat cushion and backrest are thickened, and equipped with comfortable headrests, bringing a more comfortable riding experience. The rear center armrest is decorated with chrome, which is elegant and exquisite, showing style in the details.


Welcome lights

When the vehicle is started, the welcome light mat and door illuminated welcome pedals project smart light and shadow under the feet, creating an exclusive sense of luxury and ceremony for drivers and passengers.

Sports spirit, burst out to your heart’s content

The BMW 3 Series inherits sports genes and insists on defending pure driving pleasure. The 2.0T inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic manual gearbox to create a thrilling driving experience and release the passion for sports.

2.0T inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine equipped with 8-speed automatic manual transmission

The 2.0T inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine is equipped with an 8-speed automatic manual gearbox, which brings excellent power and efficiency performance and fully unleashes the thrilling driving pleasure.

HRS hydraulic rebound damping technology

The BMW 3 Series adopts HRS hydraulic rebound damping technology, which can change the damping according to the spring stroke to enhance the control and support of the vehicle body, providing a more comfortable ride experience in bumpy road conditions and making driving fun consistent.

Three driving modes

The BMW 3 Series includes three driving modes: Sport, Comfort, and ECO-Pro. In Sport mode, the driving pleasure is unleashed by adjusting acceleration and dynamic performance. In Comfort mode, users can make adjustments according to their own needs to achieve the ideal driving state. In ECO-Pro mode, the vehicle can achieve an environmentally friendly driving style, and the driving atmosphere is quiet and natural. During driving, the driver can easily switch between them and travel freely.

Driving assistance system

Safe escort and easy control. Contains a variety of anti-collision, warning and assistance systems and other functions to protect driving safety at all times.

Cutting-edge technology, intelligent matching

The BMW 3 Series is equipped with intelligent interconnection technology to create a more enjoyable driving experience. Equipped with an integrated floating curved screen, you can enjoy a multi-dimensional interactive digital luxury experience while driving.

Integrated floating curved screen

The integrated floating curved screen integrates a 12.3-inch full LCD digital instrument panel and a 14.9-inch touchable central display screen, which is slightly tilted to present rich driving information to the driver, creating a convenient human-vehicle interaction experience and interpreting driver-centered driving. design concept.

Exclusive connected driving combination

The exclusive driving combination provides a smart cockpit experience, a variety of interconnected services, real-time traffic information and other functions, allowing you to drive comfortably and happily along the way. It also contains a wealth of digital applications to meet the needs of different drivers and passengers, making every journey enjoyable.